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The GBS multilingual team has extensive experience in translating legal and commercial documents, advertising, contracts, books, brochures/catalogs, correspondence, literature, business manuals, business presentations, websites, social media and more. These services are provided in 250+ languages. GBS services also include, but are not limited to, Second Language Programs (SLP) and training programs for your company and employees. Our multilingual staff offers private and group lessons for you, your business, and your organization.

5 Pillars of Our Multilingual Services

Translation Services

Pay for services by the hour or pay for a document translation per word. Customized programs are also available.

Interpreting Services

Our certified interpreters are qualified experts and top leaders in their field with professional certifications. They deliver their top expertise directly to your organization.

Second Language Classes

We have customized Second Language Classes (SLP) in over 250 languages to help fit your needs, including Chinese, Spanish, French, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Greek, Farsi, and more.

Language Training Programs

We provide a nurturing environment of mentorship and training to help our clients achieve their goals of becoming bilingual. We offer private and group lessons.

Global Outsourcing Services

A certified translator will translate your company program and our Human Resources professional staff will implement it in your organization.

Gain the respect of your audience with accurate translations

Quick Service

We provide fast professional (human) translation by streamlining the translation process. A professional translator does 200 words/hour, 2000 words/day. We can split projects where needed to meet your deadline, and maintain high translation quality.

Translation For All Languages

Looking for the most accurate translation service? If you don't have the time to manage quality in translation services you can always count on our professional services. We handle all technical aspects of your translation project so you don't need to worry about such quality assessment methodologies and technologies.

Reliability in All Languages

Your project is translated into the target language(s) by native speaking professionals who know how to accurately express the meaning and intent of your message with a high degree of sensitivity to cultural nuances and situational requirements.

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    At GBS we strive to deliver more than is expected. Our team members continuously build their capabilities and leadership skills.

    Translation • Legal Documents • Business Plan • Marketing & Advertising • Websites • Educational • Pharmaceutical • Publishing • Government • Communications • Finance • Healthcare

    Our Pricing

    Global Bilingual Solutions’ prices are among the most competitive in the market. Our superior quality, service, and prices are simply unbeatable. Last year we were evaluated in a benchmarking study conducted by students from the International Business School Program at the Temple University Fox School of Business. We were rated as the #1 language services company in Pennsylvania and New York for quality, service, and price.

    1. Global Bilingual Solutions provides our clients the most competitive prices, quality, and superior service.
    2. Our rapid expansion into the New York market is the result of our combined efforts, expertise, utmost attention, dedication, and super-competitive prices.
    3. We always go far and beyond by using our unique expertise to overdeliver-each and every time.

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    Our Clients' Most Frequently Asked Questions

    We select based on project needs. For example, our pharmaceutical clients have the chance to team up with experienced doctors who are also ATA certified. The same sort of matches are made for lawyers, biologists, marketing companies, etc.

    We have competitive prices that have succeeded in the New York market. See our prices page for details or get a complimentary quote.

    Once we provide a quote, we’ll give you a time frame based on how small or large your needs are. 98% of clients keep coming back to us because of our quality and delivery of services.

    There is a minimal fee for “rush” projects but this is an absolute can-do for us thanks to our access to 155 countries and 250+ languages. The cost of a rush project is 15% of the total project fee.

    There’s nothing worse than waiting to get the ball rolling on a project and we know you’re busy. You can hear back from us five minutes after sending a request.

    We can facilitate any region. If you need a workshop to learn French, you can use our global offices to facilitate the workshop.

    Yes! We provide outstanding culture classes for your international business needs or even for schools or any other industry.

    We never charge for quotes. Call/email us and provide some of your project details and we’ll send you a free quote.


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