Business Development Consultant

Global Bilingual Solutions

Philadelphia, PA
Posted 5 years ago

The GBS Business Development Consultant will lead and oversee the development and growth of market for a profitable Multilingual Consulting Company. This position is responsible for all aspects of opening Market. This position will also ensure business growth through directing and managing business development activities to ensure these are delivered in accordance with the organizational strategy and business model

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Contribute to the development and refinement of Company’s vision and strategy.
  • Support the overall process of management and corporate decision-making to ensure the organization maximizes its short, medium and long-term profitability and shareholder returns.
  • Implementation of the company’s strategic and operational plans.
  • Develop, review, and report on the business development division’s strategy, ensuring the strategic objectives are well understood and executed.

Responsible for: Opening U.S.A Market
External relationships: GBS provides services to corporations, localized businesses, publishing companies, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, government sites, schools, universities, hospitals, and any individual looking for a multilingual consulting solution.
Internal relationships: President & CEO, The GBS International Business Development Team, and GBS Language Consultants.
Salary: 10% Commission of net business profit.
Hours: Negotiable
Philadelphia Location: 2 Penn Center, 1500 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia PA, 18901.

Management of the Overall Business Development Function Including:

  • Impact the profitability of the company through ensuring strategic and tactical management decisions and new business development results
  • Marketing
  • Sourcing, managing and implementing new business opportunities
  • Ensure efficient and effective marketing, advertising and promotional planning
  • Maintain and develop organizational culture, values and reputation in its markets and with all staff, customers, suppliers, partners and regulatory/official bodies.

People Management

  • Build and lead an effective and cohesive business development strategy.
  • Self development and continuing personal development

Basic Areas of Knowledge and Skills

  • Good project and time management skills
  • Knowledge of business and management principles
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively

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