As a professional interpreter turned project manager, I have a unique perspective on all aspects of T&I project management. My experience allows me to foresee potential difficulties and to make the project management process as smooth as possible for both our clients and our language consultants. As a result, we have a portfolio full of very satisfied customers. Don’t just take my word for it; see your yourself. Click here to see a few of our Testimonials.

I’m one of a handful of court certified interpreters in the Delaware. I have been studying languages and linguistics for years; it truly is my passion. My goal now is to help GBS become the industry leader, not only in Philadelphia but also worldwide.

There is no translation, interpretation, or project management problem that cannot be quickly resolved with teamwork and good communication. So many of our clients were simply not satisfied with their form translation agency. Why? Were their language consultants incapable or unskilled? I quickly noticed a pattern in almost all of these conversations with new clients: genuine, thoughtful customer service was simply lacking. How frustrating! I guarantee that the interpreter arrives on time, that the translation is done right and in a timely manner, and I always respond immediately to your emails. In short, we get results, and we get it done. That’s the GBS way!